Gold dust day gecko


Phelsuma laticauda - gold dust day gecko, Hawai'i

These geckos are native to Madagascar and were introduced to several of the Hawaiian islands, likely as released or escaped pets.  There must have been more than 50 of them living around our lodgings, and I couldn't resist photographing them each day.  In addition to hunting insects these geckos will also consume nectar; each morning I could find them lapping up the liquid from the red ginger plants in the garden (also an invasive species).  Some geckos in this genus drink honeydew produced by homopteran insects and may in turn provide protection to the insects from would be predators, which would be a cool example of an insect/vertebrate mutualism.

The geckos can be quite territorial and the little guy below seemed to have been forced into undesirable territory.  He could be found every day in the center of the glass door. We affectionately named him Tom.


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