Eyelash Vipers at La Selva

We have encountered more than 10 species of snakes during our travels around Costa Rica.  The Eyelash palm-pitviper is closely related to Bothriechis lateralis.  The adult snake has remained in the same location for 4 days, patiently waiting about 4 inches above the ground, waiting for a small bird, mammal, reptile or amphibian to come close enough to strike.  The juvenile snake moves to a new location each night, and finding it each morning is a fun challenge.  I wonder if there are multiple juvenile snakes in the area, and we only find one at a time.
B. schlegelii juvenile, La Selva Biological Station
B. schlegelii, La Selva Biological Station
Young eyelash viper moving at night

This trip to Costa Rica is drawing to a close, but I have lots of great memories and a few good photos to share.  I've fallen in love with this country and can't wait to come back.  If the people of the world valued nature the way many people in this country do, we could all be a lot better off.


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