Bienvenido a Costa Rica

I am in Guanacaste National Park, on our second stop in Costa Rica.  Today I saw more new insects than my brain could process, a number of neat warblers, many lizards, white faced capuchins, and spider monkeys and howler monkeys eating in the same tree.  Tomorrow we hike to the isolated playa nancite where we will spend 2 days that I am sure will be delightful.  Here are a few photos:
packing and getting excited - I brought too much stuff

Spider monkey - usually they are up higher in the canopy and harder to photograph
one of two really cool Pentatomid bugs from the day


Anonymous at: January 5, 2012 at 7:54 PM said...

Yay I got an email about this post. I knew you'd love the insects, I'm so glad you're getting to experience it all!!

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