Fly Fly Again

Golden-backed Snipe Fly, Chrysopilus thoracicus
 I've been on a fly kick of late, and making a habit of punny post titles.  One of the most striking flies in our area is the Golden-backed Snipe Fly.  Although these rhagionids are rather common in early summer, they still turn my head every time I see them.  Like many flies, males are 'holoptic' with their eyes touching and covering most of their heads, while females eyes are spaced apart.  I presume that this is an adaptation for males identifying and following females on the wing.
Sexual dimorphism
Many rhagionids are predatory, but it is suspected that this species feeds only on nectar, if at all.  The genus 'Chrysopilus' means "golden hair." The scintillating thorax on these flies probably has something to do with my fascination with them...

Oooh so shiny!


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