Insect collecting 101 - Don't do this.

Kissable bug?
 I know this must happen to you all the time;  You're walking through the nation's capital when your spouse catches a cool membracid tree hopper.  Expecting a day of subways, pidgeons, and people you neglected to bring along anything to store your quarry in - will you ever learn?  As you consider a day of carrying the bug through museums in your sweaty hand, you have a flash of ingenuity.  You roll your chapstick all the way to the bottom of the tube, and pop the insect inside.  Brilliant!

Not until you return home to photograph your captive do you realize your folly.  Your jumping gem is well moisturized and coated in spf 25 'Nivea'.

I wanted to end with a hilarious joke that Kiri made about this chapstick slathered tree hopper, but neither of us can remember it.  Maybe something about Triatoma?  Any takers?


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