Flower Ninjas

Ambush bugs blend in on yarrow flowers
 I am fascinated by animal camouflage, and Assassin bugs in the subfamily Phymatinae blend in with the best of them.  A different look at the yarrow flowers pictured above reveals a much more dangerous bouquet (if you are a small insect): 

While many insects use camouflage as a means of not being eaten, for ambush bugs stealth also means lunch.  Equipped with raptorial front legs for grabbing prey, these insects can make short work of any flower visitor who doesn't spot them first.
An ambush bug's raptorial front legs
After grabbing an insect, the bug uses it's straw-like beak and drinks the insides of it's unwilling meal:

In Delaware, I commonly find these bugs on yarrow or Queen Anne's Lace, but it takes a bit of practice to be able to regularly spot them!


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