Way to go...

Stiretrus anchorago the Anchor Stink Bug, in copula, with a twist.
 The anchor stink bug is a predatory pentatomid species that is found in Delaware, but looks very little like a stink bug at first glance.  While taking care of a lab colony of these bugs this mating pair caught my attention.  I was soon amazed to see that the female was upside down, or I suppose she was right side up depending on your perspective.  I soon realized the cause of this bizarre mating arrangement:

um, was it good for you?
That's right - I'm not sure this was a consensual act, or perhaps accepting this male was the female's last earthly act.  Either way, this is the first incidence of insect necrophilia that I have ever witnessed.  I suppose that wont do much for the male's reproductive success - especially if this is indicative of his mate preferences in the future.


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