When insect photography goes bad

The beautiful tachinid fly Trichopoda pennipes, cooked medium-rare a la torchiere
 Trichopoda pennipes is a parasitic fly that attacks true bugs, and is the particular dipteran responsible for 'death by maggot'.  In addition to devouring leaf-footed bugs from the inside, this Halloween-colored insect also attacks stink bugs, and has been used as a biological control agent for some species in Europe.  For some time now I've been wanting to get a picture of these 'feather-legged flies' laying eggs on stink bugs, and so was delighted to catch a mating pair this afternoon.
Unfortunately, Trichopoda like many insects exhibits a behavior that entomologists call "positive phototaxis."  This is the same behavior that draws a moth to a flame, or as it were, a pair of flies to a 300-watt halogen floor lamp.  As soon as I opened the container both flies spiraled upward with Icarus-like disregard, achieving results comparable to the myth.  Alas, rather than the oviposition action shot I had hoped for, we are left with this photo of another upside-down insect.

Her mate, I am afraid, fared even worse and could not be salvaged at all.  Consequently, it smells of charbroiled death in here, and I am inspired to retire for the evening.


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