Favourites of 2013

Stick insect on Kahikatea, Hamilton, New Zealand
2013 was full of changes... A new job, new town, new country, new hemisphere.  Photography and blogging took a back seat during the process of moving to New Zealand.  I've learned to drive on the left side of the road, add the letter u to a bunch of new words, and identify many new trees, birds, and insects.  With all that going on, 2013 was the first year in a while that I haven't added any photography gear to my collection, aside from a new phone with a much better point-and-shoot than I'm accustomed to.  It was a really busy 365 days, but hopefully I still got a few shots that you will enjoy.  Here are my favorites:
Green vegetable bug, Nelson, NZ
I think I've seen as many nice sunsets in 10 months in NZ as I have in the rest of my life elsewhere.  Waikato region, NZ
My wife is an ecologist studying how late successional trees grow and contribute to ecosystem function in urban forests.  Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, Nelson, NZ
A NZ Blue Hover Fly visits an avocado flower, Bay of Plenty, NZ

Volunteers plant 25 thousand trees at Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park in Hamilton, New Zealand

Snail on Harakeke, Hamilton, NZ
Kaka, Maungatautari, New Zealand

Researchers run some late night experiments with Kiwifruit pollination, Waikato, NZ

Tunnel web spider, Pukemokemoke, New Zealand

NZ giraffe weevil, Maungatautari, NZ
NZ sundew with prey, Rangitoto Island, New Zealand

I had it narrowed down to 12 photos, but had some time to shoot on the last day of the year, so I'll post a baker's dozen.  I'm looking forward to sharing more in 2014!

Boulder bank, Nelson, NZ


Anonymous at: January 4, 2014 at 1:12 PM said...

Love the backlit snail on Harakeke shot! The giraffe weevil photo is another favorite.

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