Gearing up for national moth week...

Ailanthus webworm (Atteva aurea) moth on goldenrod, Pennsylvania
July 23rd to 29th is National Moth Week!  Moths get short shrift compared to their diurnal relatives; I have seen a guidebook claiming to 'help distinguish between beautiful butterflies and damaging moths.'  The negative rap is unfortunate as this diverse group is critical to ecosystem function, and fascinating and colorful to boot!

To celebrate NMW, I will be posting about moths all week, including photos of tropical species as well as moths you can find right in your own backyard.  Don't miss the bizarre insect fashion accessories, stinging caterpillars, common garden visitors, or the fantastic exploding moth!

For me, moth week will culminate in a guided caterpillar hunt along the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens Lepidoptera Trail.  If you are nearby check out the link for more details, otherwise visit the NMW website for scheduled events all across the country.
Shag-carpet moth caterpillar Prothysana felderi, Costa Rica


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