NMW: Some Costa Rican Moths

Scape moth, Monteverde, Costa Rica
Kicking off National Moth Week with a quick sample of moth beauty and diversity!  Finding these moths was as easy as turning on a light.  In parts of Costa Rica where natural areas abound, these moths showed up under a porch light within minutes of it's being switched on:

There is a downside to the attraction to lights.  In places where the lights never go off some moths will be content with bashing against the bulb until they perish, rather than flying off to find a mate.  That's right: some moths like porch lights better than sex.  All-night lights can hurt local moth populations, so it's best to turn that porch light off when you're finished.  In the meanwhile, enjoy these beauties that stop by to check it out:
Hieroglyphic Moth Diphthera festiva.  No, google, I did not mean to type "Diptheria festival."  Yikes!
This one might blend in well on a mossy tree, or the eye-spots might spook a would-be predator
Can't go wrong with a red bow-tie
What an impressive Ctenuchine!  Many of these guys are wasp mimics - this one is a bit over the top!
Eat your heart out butterflies!  Moths can be just as colorful!

 That's just the smallest taste of what moth diversity has to offer!  Check out more at the National Moth Week website, and stay tuned for some local leps!


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